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What is Zeta Zigga Zamma?

Zeta Zigga Zamma (ZZZ) is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that exists to glorify God, love others, and serve the Baylor and Waco community boldly, intentionally, and creatively.


Through our love for Jesus, we find value in everyone. This means we accept with open arms those who want to have community, brotherhood, a place to serve our community and a place to party. 

We at Zeta Zigga Zamma seek to throw epic substance-free parties. We throw these parties as an alternative to alcohol and drug-fueled parties. Instead of serving alcohol, we serve our own homemade kool-aid, which is supervised throughout the night! Through these parties, we can share our love for God in a unique, fun and exciting way!


We host one of the largest college parties of the year called Klub Koolaid. It is a welcome to college party for Freshmen and shows them alcohol is not necessary to have fun in college.


We also host many house parties to continue giving the opportunity for an exciting party-filled night throughout the school year! 

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